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VII. Achievements in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: from Theory to Practice

  • Molecular Biology in Clinical Medicine;
  • Biological and Clinical Aspects of Cell Transplantation;
  • Possibilities of Gene Therapy in the Treatment of Various Diseases.

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VII. Achievements in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: from Theory to Practice

The roundtable dedicated to “Achievements in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology : from theory to practice “, which were held on November 1, 2013 as  a part of the Baku International Humanitarian Forum an exchange of views on the following working sections was held:

  • Molecular biology in clinical medicine;
  • Biological and clinical aspects of cell transplantation;
  • Gene therapy as the treatment of different diseases.

Roundtable participants: Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Ada Yonath (Israel), Arieh Warshel (USA), Roger David Kornberg (USA), winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine Rothman James Edward (USA), Professor Richard Burt (USA), Professor Messoud Afandiev (Germany), Garib Murshudov (United Kingdom), Professor Ismail Zulfuqarov (South Korea), Sverker L. Obtusata (Sweden), Sverker Hyubinet (Sweden), Professor Evgeniy Gelfgat (Russia), Professor Dmitry Zaletaev (Russia), Professor Aliheydar Rahimov (Russia), Professor Dilshod Zikiryahodzhaev (Tajikistan) , Professor Koray Adzharly (Turkey), Professor Omer Ozkan (Turkey), Professor Adil Allahverdiev (Turkey), Professor Serdar Kabataş (Turkey), Professor Fikrettin Sahin (Turkey), Professor Yusuf Baran (Turkey), Professor Afig Bardal (Turkey) , Professor Vsevolod Arsenyevich Tkachuk (Russia), professor Malahat Bagirova (Turkey), Prof. Erdal Karaoz (Turkey), Professor Naila Tagieva – Piodzher (France), the staff of Azerbaijan Medical University, National Academy of Sciences, scientific research institutes of the Ministry of Health.

The roundtable was attended by 60 participants, including 25 foreign guests from 11 countries, and 35 members of the mentioned ahead educational and research institutions.

The event opened by the general moderator of the roundtable, rector of the Azerbaijan Medical University academician A. Amiraslanov.

During the welcoming guests academician A. Amiraslanov noted that this significant event in our country has been held for the third time. Emphasizing the participation of four Nobel laureates at the round table discussion on the achievements of medicine and molecular biology, and urgency of the problems raised in the reports, he noted the great contribution of the Baku Humanitarian Forum on the development of these areas of science in our country.

Affiliated session “Molecular biology in clinical medicine” was chaired by Professor Ada Yonath , Gharib Murshudov and Arieh Warshel. Following presentations were represented in this section:

  •  ”Moving forward in combating bacterial drug resistance” by Nobel laureate Ada Yonath;
  • “The problem of drug resistance as a major threat to humanity” by Professor Arieh Warshel;
  • “Why basic science matters for medicine and the economy in all countries” by Professor James Rotmen;
  • “Fundamental sciences, the hope of progress” by Professor Roger Kornberg

Professor Yusuf Baran reported “Molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer” where he shared the results of their own research in the treatment of common malignancies

“Innovation for the development of biotechnology in Korea” reported by Professor Ismail Zulfuqarov. Who spoke about the achievements in the field of biotechnology in South Korea during recent years.

The second section of the round table “Biological and clinical aspects of cell transplantation” was held under the chairmanship of Professor Adil Allahverdiev and Professor Richard Burt.

In section presentations on one of the topical issues of modern medicine – stem cell therapy were made ​​by Professor Richard Burt (“New paradigms for stem cells”), Professor Erdal Karaoz (“Immunosuppressive properties of stem cells during transplantation”), Professor Adil Allahverdiev (“The main strategic aspects in the study of stem cells”), Dr. Kamran Musayev (“Stem cell therapy for ischemic cardiomyopathy”) and Dr. Vagif Galandar (“Using stem cells in plastic and reconstructive surgery”)

The third section were continued with roundtable devoted to “the possibility of gene therapy in the treatment of various diseases” chaired by Professor Afig Berdeli and Professor Irada Huseynova. Work section opened with the report of Professor Messoud Afandiyev “From swelling of mitochondria to apoptosis”. Further reports were presented by Professor Dmitry Zaletaev “Optimization of therapy of malignant neoplasms”, Professor Afig Berdeli “Molecular genetic and individual-based  therapeutic methods of diseases in Azerbaijan” and professor Irada Huseynova “Modern view to the problem of gene therapy and prospects”.

Reports submitted in all three sections were listened with great interest and followed by a wide exchange of views.

At the end of the meeting academician A. Amiraslanov thanked all participants, including foreign guests and presenters of the roundtable, re-emphasizing the relevance of these activities for the development of modern medicine. At the end of the roundtable participants unanimously adopted a declaration Baku International Humanitarian Forum.

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