Forum 2016

2016-cı ilin Forumunda aşağıdakı istiqamətlər üzrə “dəyirmi masa”lar təşkil olunmuşdur:

  •  Multikulturalizmin müxtəlif modelləri: nəzəriyyədən humanist təcrübəyə doğru;
  • İnsanların kütləvi yerdəyişməsi şəraitində insan kapitalının qorunmasının önəmi davamlı inkişafın əsası kimi;
  • Jurnalistikanın informasiya dövrünə transformasiyası və onun sivilizasiyalararası dialoqun təmin edilməsində  rolu;
  • Davamlı inkişaf və ekoloji sivilizasiya;
  • Molekulyar biologiya, biofizika, biotexnologiya və müasir tibb sahəsində kadr hazırlığı məsələləri: innovativ və etik problemlər;
  • Texnologiyaların konvergensiyası və gələcəyə dair proqnozlar: XXI əsrin əsas çağırışları.

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Speech by ISESCO Director General Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri

Excellency President of the Republic


Ladies and gentlemen,

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarkatuh.

It is my pleasure to talk to you at the V Baku International Humanitarian Forum, which has become an outstanding emblem of the international efforts to promote dialogue and world peace.

But allow me first to extend to His Excellency Mr Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, my sincere gratitude and appreciation for his support to the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), and for his wise policies and effective initiatives to promote peace and dialogue among cultures, civilizations and religions. This International Humanitarian Forum is indeed a shining example of his efforts in this vital area. I therefore take this opportunity to wish every success to His Excellency, along with steady progress and prosperity to his noble country, and continuous glamour  and success to this Forum.

Excellency Mr President


Ladies and gentlemen,

The current session of the Forum coincides with a critical global context, marked by unprecedented threats to world peace and security, requiring a more solemn and more effective synergy of the international community in order to minimize the dangers associated with wars and their devastating consequences on societies, the tense political conflicts and their implications on civil peace, the wide-spread ethnic conflicts undermining stability, the acute humanitarian crises ensuing from all such woes, the growing trends of hate and racism, and the flagrant violations of international law resulting from unbridled bellicose arrogance.

This delicate juncture at which the world stands today compels us, in our capacity as political, academic and intellectual elites, to assume our moral responsibilities as torchbearers of free humanist thought and defenders of lofty cultural values and noble humanitarian principles. For the big challenges facing our societies are compromising our chances to look into and shape our future in a way conducive to the materialization of the supreme humanitarian goals of this prestigious forum.

In this connection, It is worth noting that as a result of the failure of the great powers to honor their moral and political duty to maintain world peace and security, due to terrible miscalculations and trivial considerations, the world order today is prone to dangers likely to shake the balance of international relations and trap the world into a cycle with no anticipatable end. This actually has provoked our present time global civilizational crisis, which tends to strip globalization of its humanitarian character, thus threatening to ignite the international situation at so many levels.

Amidst these serious challenges and their concomitant threats to world peace and security and in the context of a sweeping globalization at this very stage of the 21st Century, it is the duty of intellectuals and opinion leaders to take the right move to build a humanitarian coalition with a mission as lofty as to stand up for the universal values and to foster dialogue and rapprochement among cultures, civilizations and religions, in order to ultimately entrench the principles of freedom, dignity, justice and global citizenship.

So, any delay or reluctance in making the right decision in this connection will bear negatively on the international movement seeking to boost cooperation between peoples and nations through dialogue promotion at various levels. For dialogue is a choice of the wise whereby they serve humanity and its causes, as well as a sound approach to building a new world order, based on international law, as well as on the lofty principles of cultures and the universal values of civilizations and religions.

This International Humanitarian Forum is certainly the appropriate formula to materialize all humanitarian, cultural and creative efforts to achieve such lofty goals. We are here morally responsible, culturally committed and urgently required to make the appropriate wise decisions and feasible recommendations for translating the innovative ideas we have shared in this gathering into tangible practices to fulfill these humanitarian objectives, and contribute to warding off the dangers looming over the world.

I have no doubt that this selected elite of leaders who have actively participate in this global forum will shoulder their responsibility and honor their duty as messengers of peace preaching rejection of war calling for redressing international relations on the basis of correct, just and fair foundations.

I thank you, wishing every success to this forum.

Wassalamu Alaikum warahmatu Allah wabarakatuh.