Forum 2016

The Forum 2016 featured roundtable meetings on the following topics:

  •  Different Models of Multiculturalism: from Theory to Humanitarian Practice;
  • The Importance of Preserving the Human Capital in Conditions of Mass Migration as a Basis for Sustainable Development;
  • Transforming of Journalism for the Information Age and its Role in Ensuring Inter-Civilizational Dialogue;
  • Sustainable Development and Ecological Civilization;
  • Molecular Biology, Biophysics, Biotechnology and Issues of Personnel Training in Modern Medicine: Innovative and Ethical Problems;
  • Converging Technologies and Predictions for the Future: the Main Challenges of the 21st Century.

List of participants

Round tables



Speech by UN Assistant Secretary-General Cihan Sultanoğlu

And now for me a great honor to address you on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme. I express gratitude to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, His Excellency Ilham Aliyev for the invitation to the Baku International Humanitarian Forum and organizing this event.

Held at the initiative of President Ilham Aliyev Baku International Humanitarian Forum has become an important platform. A number of prominent scientists, famous intellectuals and personalities gather and meet in order to increase intercultural dialogue and promoting tolerance and understanding among people. From this point of view, they are committed to contribute to the implementation of the agenda of sustainable development up to 2030.

At the beginning of this year in Azerbaijan successfully VII Global Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations.

Of course, this year is special for Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan will mark the 25th anniversary of independence. Taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate all of you on Azerbaijan achieved remarkable successes.

After the restoration of independence in 1991, Azerbaijan has moved from a planned to a market economy and for the last period showed excellent growth. It may be noted the special social programs, pension reform, the creation of «Asan xidmət». According reforms implemented today Azerbaijan has become a leading state in the region.

Since 2010, Azerbaijan ranks in the United Nations Development Programme is one of the leading places on the list of human development. Naturally, all these successes, the high results achieved in Azerbaijan, contributed to the solution of humanitarian problems in the Eurasian, European and Middle Eastern regions. As for Azerbaijan’s contribution to overcoming the global and regional crises, we are well aware that this assistance is great. Azerbaijan participates in the peacekeeping force, was a member of the UN Security Council. The candidacy of Azerbaijan was adopted in the ECOSOC, he was elected a member of the organization. Azerbaijan has created the Agency for International Development Assistance – AIDA and providing humanitarian assistance. It contributes to the development of weak states in the world.

We are confident that the goals of the sustainable development agenda up to 2030, will be implemented and Azerbaijan. These objectives are taken in New York, 103 States parties.

Azerbaijan is also making great strides in the area of ​​human capital development. This is also one of the themes of the Forum. We in the UN and the UN Development Programme believe that Azerbaijan is actively involved in the promotion of sustainable development.

In conclusion, I wish once again to express gratitude to the Government of Azerbaijan for hosting this important event. I am sure that the Forum will successfully continue the discussion on various topics will be held here, will be established cooperation, we search for peace.

I wish you success in your deliberations. I would like to inform you that I, too, will take part tomorrow in the upcoming “round tables”.

Thank you for attention.